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Whales In Hiding


Danielle Cholewiak is a research ecologist at NOAA. She has spent her career becoming a leading expert on finding and interpreting whale sounds. This past summer, she set her sights on finding one of the most elusive whales in the Atlantic Ocean. The plan was to be out at sea for a full month, scanning the horizon with binoculars and listening to hydrophones being towed behind them. In Woods Hole, Brandon Tenney reports.



One Foot In Front Of The Other


To say Mark and Patti McGrath are a physically active couple is an understatement. They hiked the entire perimeter of Cape Cod in 2013. They had three rules: When you come to a river, you swim across it. You never walk on pavement. And no walking indoors. He was 73, she was 72. They continue to hike, swim, and kayak together multiple times a week. Brandon Tenney joined them in Harwich for the story.